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  1. Happy Fathers Day!

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all transgender women who just happen to be someone's dad. Happy Father's Day also to all transgender men as well. Cheers from TSSN! #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  2. Trans Is Beautiful

    Trans Is Beautiful

    A TransMotivational message brought to you by TSSN: Trans Is Beautiful. Like, love & share if you agree! #[360:#LiveColorfully] #[440:#TransIsBeautiful] | Let's make it go viral!
  3. MsJacquiiC

    Featured #ImTransBut _________. [Fill In The Blank!]

    ...proudly and unashamedly trans but I am also a student of life and of living. I'm a dreamer of an optimistic future where we can simply live and let live by loving and letting love! I am Jacquii. J. #LiveColorfully #TransPride #translivesmatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights
  4. MsJacquiiC

    Taylor Swift shows her ally PRIDE! with her new music "You Need To Calm Down"

    ...Download “You Need To Calm Down" here: You Need To Calm Down by Taylor Swift on Amazon Music - Pre-Order “Lover” here: Taylor Swift - Lover - Music #HappyPride #TransRightsAreHumanRights #LiveColorfully #WontBeErased Article Author: Jacquii Cooke aka MsJacquiiC
  5. MsJacquiiC - Just made a video collage type of blurb...

    MsJacquiiC - Just made a video collage type of blurb...

    ...... The meme that appears in the video is in her gallery collection at #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral! #[360:#LiveColorfully] #[3:#TransRightsAreHumanRights] #[4:#WontBeErased] #[442:#BlackTransLivesMatter]
  6. Nicole Maines Quote

    Nicole Maines Quote

    ...away an understanding of trans people that we can be anybody. We can be whoever we want, we can do whatever we want, we can be superheroes, because in many ways we are." CONTEXT: Nicole Maines on Playing TV’s First Trans Superhero in “Supergirl” #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  7. MsJacquiiC

    Live Colorfully! collection 1 [brought to you by TSSN | Inspirational Trans Quotes]

    Live Colorfully! collection 1 #LiveColorfully | Let's make it go viral Sharing is caring ==> So please feel free to share our memes on your favorite social media sites in hopes of showing the world that we are human. We are people. Our lives matter. We are visible and vocal. We are letting you...
  8. Julia Serano Quote

    Julia Serano Quote

    ... #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  9. Jessica Angelina Birch Quote

    Jessica Angelina Birch Quote

    ...alluring, passionate, and mysterious, someone men found irresistible..." CONTEXT: Jessica Angelina Birch (pen name) is a family physician in Amherst, New Hampshire. She owns and operates her own family practice and advocates for gender diversity. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  10. Ryan Cassata Quote

    Ryan Cassata Quote Cassata speaks at high schools and universities on the subject of gender dysphoria, being transgender, bullying and his personal transition from female to male, including a double mastectomy surgery in January 2012, when he was 18 years old. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go...
  11. Kristin Beck Quote

    Kristin Beck Quote 2013 when she came out as a trans woman. She published her memoir in June 2013, Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming out Transgender, detailing her experiences. Quote from CNN interview with Anderson Cooper as seen below: #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  12. Ban Ki-Moon Quote

    Ban Ki-Moon Quote

    ...Today, I stand with you. And I call upon all countries and people, to stand with you too." CONTEXT: Ban Ki-moon is a South Korean politician and diplomat who was the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 2007 to December 2016 #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go...
  13. Buck Angel Quote

    Buck Angel Quote

    ...and a motivational speaker. He is the founder of Buck Angel Entertainment, a media production company. A trans man, he received the 2007 AVN Award as Transsexual Performer of the Year; he now works as an advocate, educator, lecturer, and writer. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  14. Tammy Baldwin Quote

    Tammy Baldwin Quote

    ...LGBT non-incumbent elected to the United States Congress, as well as the first woman elected to represent Wisconsin in Congress. In 2012 Baldwin became the first openly gay person and first openly LGBT person elected to the United States Senate. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  15. Ian Thomas Malone Quote

    Ian Thomas Malone Quote

    ...Ian Thomas Malone is an author, transgender activist, and yogi from Greenwich, CT. She is a graduate of Boston College, where she founded The Rock at Boston College. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  16. Ivan Coyote Quote

    Ivan Coyote Quote

    ...won many accolades for their collections of short stories, novels, and films. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go viral!
  17. Nick Krieger Quote

    Nick Krieger Quote

    ...understand my creation." CONTEXT: A native of New York, Nick Krieger realized at the age of twenty-one that he'd been born on the wrong coast, a malady he corrected by transitioning to San Francisco. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go...
  18. Marsha P. Johnson Quote

    Marsha P. Johnson Quote

    ...a transvestite for them." CONTEXT: Marsha P. Johnson was an American gay liberation activist and self-identified drag queen. Known as an outspoken advocate for gay rights, Johnson was one of the prominent figures in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. #[360:#LiveColorfully] | Let's make it go...
  19. TSSN #LiveColorfully Blurb

    TSSN #LiveColorfully Blurb

  20. MsJacquiiC

    Featured Introducing TSSN Live Colorfully! collection + our Media Gallery is open

    ...We've placed a social share section on each of our Media Gallery pages: Be sure to share them and help spread the word about TSSN! See the entire collection at Live Colorfully! collection | TSSN Trans Quotes & Memes Gallery Thanks and enjoy! J. #LiveColorfully | Let's make it go viral! ✌