Usage for hash tag: StraightPride

  1. MsJacquiiC

    The "gay agenda" ... Meh... [LOL]

    And now for a TransThursday Laughable... My personal thoughts: We all know that there's no need for #StraightPride. Straight pride is every single day of the every single week. Straight couples kissing and hugging and displaying other forms of public affection are done with impunity! It's...
  2. MsJacquiiC

    Some food for thought concerning #StraightPride... WTF!!!?

    Some food for thought concerning #StraightPride... WTF!!!? I mean ... Isn't every single month since the inception of the United States Straight Pride???? Let us have our damn month! Or better yet - Let's mutually celebrate pride all damn year long as "straight" people have done with impunity...