Trans Safe⚧Space Network Fund Drive

Trans Safe⚧Space Network Fund Drive

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Your generous contribution to Trans Safe⚧Space Network will certainly be appreciated and will help keep TSSN online, free for all registered members!

Donations will be used for a myriad of things, including, but not limited to, keeping our Xenforo script updated, maintaining premium add-on license support, paying server hosting costs, adding custom enhancements & functionality, TSSN promotional endeavors and much more.

If donations exceed our goal - it would be a thrill and a dream to provide members-only contests with nice rewards and/or create special scholarships to help members' transitions.

Members can decide to use this donation system or see available Account Upgrade options. Account upgrades are also available for new members during registration. Members using the account upgrade option will be automatically rewarded with enhanced browsing privileges, as well as given a special usergroup badge, which will be shown throughout TSSN in your profile and forum posts.

We like to see who has donated so that we can say show our appreciate! But we are also happy to accept anonymous contributions.
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