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Is being trans against God? Audrey poses this question to Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, the first Lutheran pastor ordained in the U.S. In part one of two episodes, Audrey and Megan discuss this and other transgender topics that relate to religion and spirituality. Megan was recently featured on an episode of Queer Eye.
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Many special thanks to Megan for joining me in this discussion!!!
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Being spiritual myself, this often plays a role in my 'fear'

But i once has a vision of a Goddess figure, whom seems to have accepted me, so also i feel Jesus loved all...
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Margo, like I mentioned in my video, I am not a believer, but I do feel that there is some sort of cosmic intelligence that maintains a sense of order in the universe...and that I have a part that is being played out, though it is not revealed to me exactly what it is.

I've been told several times that "what" I am is against God, so because I am always curious about things, I wanted to know how a phrase such as that may affect other trans people, who are faithful. Thanks for your viewpoint!


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