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My TRUTH, My STORY - Dominique Jackson

Featured: Dominique Tyra A Ross-Jackson | Star on the award-winning series POSE

Notable, Potent Quotes:
"I don't live in frustration, I'm too beautiful for that!"

"I don't need you to accept me. I may want you to understand me. But as far as your accepting me, that just means that I believe that you are greater than I am or I believe you have some kind of privilege or authority over my life. No way."

"All these myths and this drama that people involve... Those are their thoughts. Their thoughts don't create you. You know... Who you think I am: That's your business. Who I am is me and that's what I relate to. As long as you don't put your hands on me, don't touch me, you can think whatever you want to. But I look in the mirror and I smile. After first revealing myself, my life changed... I'm laughing now because again: I know me..."

"My TRUTH, My STORY", is the Caribbean Equality Project's multimedia storytelling campaign, which reflects and shares authentic unspoken stories of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Caribbean heritage. These experiences, struggles and achievements are the driving force behind the storytellers’ personal growth. “My TRUTH, My STORY" aims to unveil, liberate and unchain victims from a culture of silence and fear. The Caribbean Equality Project is dedicated to revising the oppressive cycle of colonized and institutionalized teachings, in order to create a sustainable and progressive community free of violence and all forms of discrimination. In order to achieve this goal, we aim at promoting visibility and empowerment through powerful messages of self-acceptance, love, respect, renewal and hope.
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