1. Healing as a Process

    Healing as a Process

    Much love to our trans sisters and trans brothers who are struggling with their transition process: Keep your head up... And the same love to our trans siblings who are having great success. 3 Cheers to continued progress!!! This message cordially brought to you by Trans Safe⚧Space Network ...
  2. Jesus meme

    Jesus meme

    ... "I know... I found her."
  3. Laverne Cox quote

    Laverne Cox quote

    "It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist." Laverne Cox
  4. Breaking News about Puberty

    Breaking News about Puberty

  5. Transgender God Retort

    Transgender God Retort

    Another TransWednesday word of wisdom brought to you by TSSN! #[440:#TransIsBeautiful] #[4:#WontBeErased] #[360:#LiveColorfully]
  6. Phoenix says, "Be undeterred..."

    Phoenix says, "Be undeterred..."

    A Trans-Friday mantra of encouragement: "Be undeterred. Push forward. Never give up. Think positively as you transition into your most authentic self!" Support our goal of becoming a certified non-profit transgender organization at #TransIsBeautiful #WontBeErased...
  7. 45 Years After Stonewall w/ Laverne Cox

    45 Years After Stonewall w/ Laverne Cox

    Laverne Cox said this back in 2014... It's 2019 folks -- the 50th anniversary of Stonewall has now passed -- and WE'VE GOT WORK TO DO!!! LET US NOT FORGET that in 1969 Black trans women of color were instrumental in beginning the modern-day push for what we now know as LGBTQ+ equality. Our...
  8. Trans Unicorn

    Trans Unicorn

    A little funny funny for your TransWednesday evening care of My Little Trans Unicorn. Excuse his language - He's an uncouth, lovable loud-mouth. Laugh. Love. Live. Visibly. Proudly. Trans! #LiveColorfully by way of - Facebook page for
  9. Our bodies do not define us...

    Our bodies do not define us...

    A TransWednesday Word of Wisdom: Our bodies do not define us... Brought to you by way of Donate now to our drive to become a certified non-profit transgender organization: "Our bodies do not define us. We are more than our bodies. We are our...
  10. From Catepillar to Butterfly...

    From Catepillar to Butterfly...

    A TransWednesday piece of inspiration. The metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly doesn't happen overnight. Be inspired in your transition journey. Keep your head up. Keep going! And one day ==> Metaphorical wings!!! #TransIsBeautiful #TransPride #LiveColorfully by way of TSSN.
  11. Happy Birthday Trans Pride Flag!!!

    Happy Birthday Trans Pride Flag!!!

    Happy Birthday Trans Pride Flag!!! Born: 8/19/1999 | Donated To Smithsonian: 8/19/2014 Greetings from TSSN | Registration Now Open: Support our 501(c)3 efforts: About The Trans Pride Flag: The Transgender Pride flag was designed American transgender...
  12. The Trans Agenda Revealed!

    The Trans Agenda Revealed!

    We are trans. We are vocal. We are proud. THIS is the #[1590:#TransAgenda] Revealed! HERE are our demands!... Support TSSN's goal of obtaining charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit status: Merch with our trans flag and other pride items now available...
  13. Re: Chosen Name

    Re: Chosen Name

    "Referring to a transgender person by their chosen name is a simple act of kindness which costs you nothing but a show of common courtesy!" Support our effort to become a 501(c)3 charitable transgender organization: This message brought to you by Trans Safe⚧Space...
  14. We're still in PRIDE mode.

    We're still in PRIDE mode.

    We're still in PRIDE mode. Let's make it Pride all year long. #[584:#TransPride] #[440:#TransIsBeautiful] #[4:#WontBeErased] #[360:#LiveColorfully] via Trans Safe⚧Space Network --- A community made exclusively by us - for us - developed with our pursuit of happiness in mind!
  15. America Trans Flag Girl Blowing Bubbles meme

    America Trans Flag Girl Blowing Bubbles meme

    I AM trans. I AM vocal. I AM proud. I AM more visible than ever before. I #[360:#LiveColorfully]. What about you? In the words of Lourdes Ashley Hunter, "I want to be seen, affirmed and celebrated as a whole damn person... I want to wake up without the threat of violence!" This is the sort of...
  16. Ether / Oar meme

    Ether / Oar meme

    "Before my surgery, the anesthesiologist offered to use knockout gas or whack me over the head with a canoe paddle. It was a complete ether / oar shituation!" meme. Laugh. Love. Live. Visibly. Proudly. Trans. #[360:#LiveColorfully] #[1129:#TransIsBeautful]
  17. Equal Rights Pie? meme

    Equal Rights Pie? meme

    "Equal Rights For Others Does Not Mean Less Rights For You. It's NOT Pie!" meme. Laugh. Love. Live. Visibly. Proudly. Trans. #[360:#LiveColorfully] #[1129:#TransIsBeautful]
  18. MsJacquiiC

    On (Re)Naming Yourself: How'd you choose your name?

    Janet Mock once said, "There's power in naming yourself, in proclaiming to the world that this is who you are. Wielding this power is often a difficult step for many transgender people because it's also a very visible one." Bahahahaha!! Nice name!! Did your mommy pick it out for you...
  19. Nice Name meme...

    Nice Name meme...

    Bahahaha!! Nice Name!! Did Your Mommy Pick It Out For You? Meme...

    Celebrating Pride!!! :trans: 🏳️‍🌈 :trans: 🏳️‍🌈 #[360:#LiveColorfully] by way of our group Trans Safe⚧Space Network: FB Page: