1. Is Being Trans Against God? Part Two

    Is Being Trans Against God? Part Two

    Is being trans against God? In part two of this series with Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, Audrey discusses being transgender and the importance of self-acceptance. Pastor Megan was recently featured on an episode of Queer Eye and talks about her experience helping the Fab 5 support another pastor in...
  2. Marie Johnson

    Good Day Everyone

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Model Marie Johnson. I’m a mature transgender model, apart from being in front of camera, I’m a personal life-wellness coach, I enjoys inspirational writing, reading books, modern dance and traveling. 🦋🌹🦋
  3. Is Being Trans Against God?

    Is Being Trans Against God?

    Is being trans against God? Audrey poses this question to Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer, the first Lutheran pastor ordained in the U.S. In part one of two episodes, Audrey and Megan discuss this and other transgender topics that relate to religion and spirituality. Megan was recently featured on an...
  4. Transgender Support Needs

    Transgender Support Needs

    Transgender support needs are the focus in this video! Please join Audrey for her first Live show of 2020. Her special guest will be Caitlyn Strohmeyer, founder and former President of TransFamily of NW Pennsylvania as well as a MTF Transgender female. They will talk about why peer and...
  5. Flying as Trans

    Flying as Trans

    Flying as trans for the first time can be a super nervous experience! In her first ever co-op video, Audrey invites her friend, Amy, to talk about her experi...
  6. Transgender Sex Drive Improved!

    Transgender Sex Drive Improved!

    This transgender sex drive video is a an update to an earlier video that Audrey presented earlier in 2019. She had zero sex drive when her HRT (Hormone Repla...
  7. MTF Clothing Basics

    MTF Clothing Basics

    Here is a video about MTF clothing basics! Audrey has some tips and advice plus talks about her clothes shopping adventures. For the beginning Trans female, ...
  8. Trans_Audyssey Girl

    Transgender Body Discussions

    Please check these topics concerning body changes during transition! Hopefully, I can help someone out who may be new to their journey! Transgender Body Topics - YouTube
  9. We Are Transgender | A Poem By Gray Crosbie

    We Are Transgender | A Poem By Gray Crosbie

    We are your neighbours, siblings, sons and daughters 💙
  10. MsJacquiiC

    Scientific Report [a voxel-based morphometry study]

    Related TSSN Article: [POLL] Transgender people are born that way, a new study has found Excerpted from the downloadable file: Grey and white matter volumes either in treatment-naïve or hormone-treated transgender women: a voxel-based morphometry study. Many previous magnetic resonance...