1. Flying as Trans

    Flying as Trans

    Flying as trans for the first time can be a super nervous experience! In her first ever co-op video, Audrey invites her friend, Amy, to talk about her experi...
  2. Transgender Sex Drive Improved!

    Transgender Sex Drive Improved!

    This transgender sex drive video is a an update to an earlier video that Audrey presented earlier in 2019. She had zero sex drive when her HRT (Hormone Repla...
  3. MTF Clothing Basics

    MTF Clothing Basics

    Here is a video about MTF clothing basics! Audrey has some tips and advice plus talks about her clothes shopping adventures. For the beginning Trans female, ...
  4. Trans_Audyssey Girl

    Transgender Body Discussions

    Please check these topics concerning body changes during transition! Hopefully, I can help someone out who may be new to their journey! Transgender Body Topics - YouTube
  5. We Are Transgender | A Poem By Gray Crosbie

    We Are Transgender | A Poem By Gray Crosbie

    We are your neighbours, siblings, sons and daughters 💙
  6. MsJacquiiC

    Scientific Report [a voxel-based morphometry study]

    Related TSSN Article: [POLL] Transgender people are born that way, a new study has found Excerpted from the downloadable file: Grey and white matter volumes either in treatment-naïve or hormone-treated transgender women: a voxel-based morphometry study. Many previous magnetic resonance...