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Aug 30, 2021
heya the names galien im 16 and i love writing speeches about my problems. my main foucus is being ftm at a school filled with really rude kids- here is my newest speech

it's not a trend​
you will never understand the pain of this till youve walked in our shoes, till you lived our lives.
Till you understand what we are
We are not a trend we are not a fun thing to be.
We want nothing more to be like you! to be comfortable in our bodys.
want to be acceptedfor who we are and nolt want to rip our skin apart to get there

her name was Leelah Alcorn
she committed suicide on December 28, 2014
one of my favorite quotes from her note was-
"only way i will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren't treated the way i was.
They're treated like humans with valid feelings and human rights.
Gender need to be taught about in schools the earlier the better. my death need to mean something"
-Leelah Alcorn

Sadly some things have changed but not many-
kids these days and adults still are shamed for being themselves.

People call us abominatons but we'rejust being ourselves. Why judge us? we could judge you guys all we wanted to-
but we dont because we know how it feels, and we wouldn't want to put that on anyone esle.

trans femboys and just femboys get shamed alot because, they are men or idenify as men dress feminine.
they wear skirts and crop tops and get majorly shamed.
But as soon as a female wears male clothes men find it attractive? well at least here-

we hate being shamed because you think we like being like this- well here's the big reveal! we dont-
and we would do anything to go back and be born in the right body
And everything to get you to understand

so no we are not a game, weare not an opportunity to try something new we are not something to be proud of! we are in pain constently either because of our parents. our schools. our peers. even our friends-



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