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Angelica Ross Is the First Trans Actor to Land Two Series Regular Roles

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Angelica Ross Is the First Trans Actor to Land Two Series Regular Roles (1 Viewer)

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Angelica Ross Is the First Trans Actor to Land Two Series Regular Roles

Last month, Angelica Ross, who played Candy on breakout FX show, Pose, wrapped filming for that character's storyline.

The major network show garnered acclaim as the first in history to feature five trans femme people of color as series regulars, with Ross helping to pave the way for future trans women actors.

At the same time that Ross wrapped filming for Pose, showrunner Ryan Murphy cast her as a series regular for the new, slasher-themed season of his other groundbreaking show, American Horror Story: 1984, making her the first trans actor to have two lead roles on network television.

Now, the full official trailer for American Horror Story:1984 is here. It features the shows' familiar stars, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Leslie Grossman, and Cody Fern, and newcomer, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy. Notably absent this go-round are series veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

The ninth season of AHS takes place at a summer camp called Camp Redwood, the site of "the worst summer massacre of all time," and introduces the primary villain, a knife-wielding serial killer on the loose named Mr. Jingles. Fun! Plus, there is no shortage of booty shorts and pastel workout clothes and high kicks and all-around queer Camp, because after all, this is the '80s.

Watch Ross give the already-iconic warning of "Molly, you in danger girl," and more highlights (including Roberts in what seems like a more prim and proper role than we've seen in past seasons) in the full trailer, below. AHS: 1984 premieres on September 18.

And Meanwhile ... We're Living In A Post 'Pose' World:
Laverne Cox and the rest of the Variety roundtable panel including Chaz Bono, Alexandra Billings, Brian Michael, Jen Richards and Trace Lysette praise over the game-changing FX series "Pose."

Complete video posted in the TSSN Media Gallery at Variety's Transgender In Hollywood Roundtable.

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