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Cher, Hillary Clinton & Many MANY Others Blast Trump's Trans Military Ban

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Cher, Hillary Clinton & Many MANY Others Blast Trump's Trans Military Ban (1 Viewer)

Cher, Hillary Clinton & Many MANY Others Blast Trump's Trans Military Ban

Many public figures tweeted their outrage as the discriminatory ban went into effect.

The transgender military ban imposed by President Donald Trump went into effect Friday, ending the careers of over 13,000 trans service members.

In response, many public figures from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and activism took to social media to blast the discriminatory policy.

Chief among them was Hillary Clinton, Trump's challenger in the 2016 presidential election. "The administration's ban on transgender service members begins today. It is abhorrent. Every American should be able to serve their country, and I can't believe we're still debating that in 2019. We have to reverse this as soon as we can."

Cher, one of the LGBTQ community's greatest allies, also took to Twitter to express her heartbreak about the ban, which she saw as "another example of Trump pandering to his rightwing base."

See more outrage below.

In Summation:
It's quite clear that the current GOP lead by the inept buffoon who literally dodged military service on account of cowardice... It's quite clear that the GOP and the Trump Administration doesn't give a damn about transgender people. Otherwise - there would be no need for this most hateful and ridiculously ironic of policy implementation. I mean - here we have the current Commander In Chief of the United States of America who clearly dodged military service - telling a group of patriotic Americans that they are unworthy, unfit or simply not entitled to serve their country in the capacity that the Commander In Chief intentionally failed to do.

So yes ... In summation - It's also clear that we as transgender people are not alone in our fight towards equality. These tweets of encouragement and inspiration and thanks are everything & proof-positive enough that we trans people and our allies should proudly stand and say into the face of the draft-dodging Trump:



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