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Elemental (haiku in 4) | poetry

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Elemental (haiku in 4) | poetry (1 Viewer)


TSSN Webmistress
Mar 24, 2019

A poem… Can anyone see the bold insinuation of me welcoming my authentic self to the world in this piece? :transflag: 🦋 :transflag:
Feel free to let me know what you think! So without further adieu:

Elemental (haiku in 4)

blow southward ol’ boy
blow now to the molten earth
blow swiftly: peace now.

lie downward ol’ boy
lie now; take your place in hell
lie: tombstone awaits.

burn westward ol’ boy
burn now you ashen heirloom
burn phoenix: begone.

drip eastward ol’ boy
drip now molten tombstone heir
drip: your future awaits.

Copyright © Jacquii Cooke 2018

This piece actually has multiple layers of meaning though. Sincerely. It can be read/interpreted in a myriad of ways, and depending on how you do perceive it - it could be read as me offering nothing but an eloquent dismissal to a hater (Boy BYE!!! type of situation) ... OR it could be interpreted as I originally asked: as an obituary of sorts to my "boy" self, as seen by the words which appear on each line after the colon:

Peace now.
Tombstone awaits.
Your future awaits.

I'm completely inspired by the awe of nature. Its power - its force - its beauty - its turmoils, etc... So this piece can also be read as a rather dark homage to Mother Nature in all her glory speaking to parts of her self... And I digress LOL. I wonder how you all read it and can you see the different facets of this very spontaneous write?
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Emily Moon

New member
Feb 2, 2021
Cool take on writing haiku. I admire the way you begin each tercet with the same word. Like waves lapping a shore. I definitely see you releasing your former self. And that release creates the space to welcome your new self. Well done!

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