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Ever dated another trans person?

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Ever dated another trans person? (1 Viewer)

Ever date another trans person? Answer then tell us how it ended if voting yes [1 or 2 votes only!]

  • .... And we're now engaged and/or married.

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  • .... And our dating game is still going strong.

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  • No I've never dated another trans person - but I would.

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  • No way would I ever date another trans person.

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TSSN Webmistress
Mar 24, 2019

So does anyone else think Laith is like the most adorable? I'm so in love with him - his look is just so suave. And .... I *kinda* wanna kick it LOL
And he's FtM ... Makes me wonder what it'd be like to be in a relationship with a trans guy. Any of you have experience dating other trans people?
Talk about it please... And as for the poll - If you voted yes - please also check the last 3 additional options to tell us the current state of the relationship.
This should be an interesting conversation, as I was actually approached by another trans girl who's interested in dating. This is something entirely new for me...
If she were Laith though - I'd jump at the opportunity!!! :love::p🤭



New member
Feb 13, 2021
I met another transwoman on a dating app a couple of years ago. She had fully transitioned many years ago, including top and bottom surgeries, and I was still near the beginning of my transition.

There were red flags right from the beginning. On our first date, over dinner, she began urging me to have bottom surgery and to wear wigs to cover my thin hair. I am non-op, and wigs feel fake and increase my dysphoria. Explaining this to her should have put the subject to rest. She also accused me of lying about my breasts being natural, because she had to have BA to get hers, so naturally I had to as well.

As bad as that all sounds, the rest of the date was very pleasant and we agreed to meet again. The second date was much like the first, very pleasant with the exception of her bringing up surgery and wigs again. I really liked her, so I overlooked it and we made another date.

On our third date, things again went well, and we even kissed a little. But inevitably she brought up surgery again (she had given up on wigs by now). This time, I decided to tactfully put my foot down and make her understand that surgery was not an option and not to bring it up again. Her response was, "Oh, so you want to be a sh***le!", using a porn term that most of us find very derogatory.

I tried to overlook it, and I might have been able to if it had come from a cis person who didn't know any better, but the more I thought about it the more it disturbed me that another transwoman would treat me that way and call me that word.

Maybe it was because she had transitioned so long ago and not kept current on today's etiquette and terminology, or that she was a fan of trans porn (she named her favorite stars a couple of times). Maybe she didn't know that she was hurting me.

I don't know why she did what she did, but I was deeply hurt that someone who should have known better, someone I was beginning to care about, would treat me that way. I could have explained it to her, but I was so hurt that I couldn't bring myself to talk about it. In fact, we never talked again at all.

I still think of her, wishing we could have at least become friends; I sometimes think of contacting her to explain why I had to cut things off. I hate unfinished business, but sometimes it's best to let things be.

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