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CL Meier

New member
May 21, 2021
Greetings Trans SafeSpace community,

I am an AFAB trans/FTM/nb/genderqueer doctoral student. I've been out for approximately 4 years now. I have a cis male spouse for umteen years (>20) and an elementary age cis female child. I've been on HRT for about 4 years also. I am WAY less angry and VERY happy now, most of the time.

I am also hoping you might help me with my Psy.D. doctoral project:
The study is through California Southern University, Costa Mesa. I'm currently recruiting for my doctoral survey (IRB approved). It's a 30 min (or less) study of coming out/disclosure to family and religious community, if appropriate. I am hoping this study will help family and religious community's understanding of its reaction to trans & gender diverse persons.
**SEEKING Transgender/gender diverse 18+ residents of the USA for a study on shame
**YOU MUST have come out to your family and/or religious/spiritual community MORE than 12 months ago
Research on the role of shame as a symptom of moral injury. Moral injury is when you are injured morally, like when a family member or your religious community cuts you off because of your gender identity. Research is completed online through Survey Monkey. Password provided by email to due to assessment copyright. The researcher, Corey Meier, is a student at California Southern University, Costa Mesa, CA. To preview the consent form, visit


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