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Hello I'm new <3

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Dec 11, 2020
My chosen name is Xyliar, my pronouns are they/them, and I consider myself non-binary as well as omni-sexual. I wanted to sign up because I feel like I need support. I feel invalidated everyday, I am assigned female at birth, and I really like dresses and skirts, I don't think clothes are inherit to any gender, but because of this I feel like I will never be accepted and I'm terrified to come out. I have expressed myself to very few people, like my boyfriend, he's fine with it thank goodness, but I have an extremely conservative family and I don't think I'll ever have the courage to tell them. It makes me feel like I'm drowning, I moved out of my house at 17 because that's when I started realizing who I was and really adopted the name "Xyliar", although my family still refers to me by my birth name considering they don't know, and I'm too timid to try and enforce my chosen name to anyone I give it to in person anyways... That's why I like to be on the internet though because I feel like I have my identity back, which is also why I don't want to share my birth name. I've been in a vulnerable spot lately, on and off medications that never seem to stop changing, and lately I just can't seem to make it to school or therapy. I just work, and sleep and cry... I know it's not all just because my identity is constantly invalidated, I just really need a safe space right now where I can be my true self without feeling scared that someone is gonna be mad at me for it. So thank you to anyone who cares <3
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