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Hi All, I'm Kate

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Jul 27, 2020
Hi All, I'm Kate. Well, I'm really Kathryn but all my friends call me Kate or Katie.

I'm MTF and live in rural Oklahoma of the United States. Originally diagnosed as MTF Trans in 1992, I finally ran out of distractions and started my transition in August of 2018. I'm living finally living female full time with my wife of 25 years and am working toward a full medical transition. Yes, we decided we're staying together!

My only regret? Stalling for 26 years. I did it out of love, but the personal price became too expensive. I'm fortunate that all who are really close to me are supporting me, and are happy for me.

If you're looking for a more in person community, please let me know. I've made connections with a handful of different communities in the midwest US; Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma. I'll gladly pass on that contact info.

Thanks again for welcoming me into the community

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