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Hi everybody I just joined and here is a bit about me

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Hi everybody I just joined and here is a bit about me (1 Viewer)

Tori Clay

New member
May 15, 2021
My name is Tori and I came out and started living my truth about five and a half years ago. I really didn't have any trouble no alienated family or lost friends. It helped cuz I live in Boston and it helped that I'm only five foot six and I was 120 lb at the time. The only thing it cost me is my career. Professionally I am an entertainer. I have been acting for decades for stage film and TV and I did everything else above and below the line. When I came out my agent dumped me so I went from a resume of about 60 films and 25 players and a whole bunch more to just two plays in four and a half years. I get it though, there are not any speaking roles for an old transgender woman that has a male voice. A few months ago I did some shows online with an LGBT company called the Quarantine Players. They are fun and free to watch and on all the streamers. Of more interest here is the fact that I was only female in the first one. The next three I had male roles. In the first one called Divanalysis, I had the lead as the professor and I interacted with Judy Garland, Liza, Bette, and Karen Carpenter and great music and hilarity ensued. Next in CSI Grandma, I was a Russian assassin and then in 30 Deep I was a Texas cowboy in a real tear jerker. The last one I did was called Washington Squares and I was the game show host. I have also started a new career path and it all happened when I got dared to play one of my own songs when a band took a break. The crowd went crazy so I did more and after that I started playing all over the area as a singer-songwriter guitarist just doing my own original rock music but I only got a few months in before the pandemic closed all the clubs. I did play a couple of LGBT benefits online I was on the bill with Melissa Ferrick for one of them and I played to a national audience live on a Hollywood radio station among a bunch of other things I've done in this short time just recently I accepted an invitation from a local nightclub to do my first ever, full set, paid, show. It will be all my original rock music. I am also very hard of hearing and I wear hearing aids. So like I tell my crowds when I play out I have no idea what I sound like. I have to wait till June 17th but I've been trying to write some new stuff too. I am also the first ever transgender female model to be signed to an agency contract. That means I was hired to pose nude for artists alone or in classes. Over the last 3 weeks I co-produced a rock music video and I did a funny little cameo in it and I also had the lead in a short film. More personally I like to play tennis and ride motor scooters and watch TV and socialize. Like the majority of my transgender sisters I have dealt with very severe depression for decades and I admit I was locked up twice because of it. I am on an even keel now my psych meds work and I see a shrink once a week or so and a weekly transgender group therapy online. I am trying hard to remove the word hate from my vocabulary and my emotions. It's harder than giving up sugar though. And I haven't succeeded at sugar either. LOL. I try to live by one simple four word question anytime I have a moral dilemma for even a decision with much less gravity to it. The question is "what would love do?".


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