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Hi, I’m Riche.

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Jun 19, 2019
Hi everyone!

First of all, I am a Transgender Woman :) I am 24 years old and I have been thinking about this for 3 years already.

I am a college instructor in the Philippines. I enjoy teaching and integrate gender issues in my class for awareness and compassion. I am an advocate for the LGBTQA+++ community as well.

As a Transwoman here in my country, its quite difficult since no law is protecting our rights (Hopefully, the SOGIE bill would be a law in the future) and that is just one adversity I am facing. So as the saying goes “we are just tolerated but not accepted.”

It is also difficult to have SRG and Breast Augmentation since no state-of-the-art specialized hospitals are meant for that here so it’s either we travel to Thailand or nearby countries who have. Also, it is super expensive as well for me since my salary is not enough for this matter. I am also financing my master’s (because it is the minimum requirement in State, Universities and Colleges/ Higher Education before you get a permanent status for your security of tenure). I just graduated last April 2019!!! Plus, I contribute to pay the bills in our family (50% of my salary). So I end up having no savings for my plan which is to have HRT, SRG and Breast augmentation. I am also aware that I need to prepare myself first before I get to have those surgeries like taking hormones and consulting to doctors as well. In short, there are a lot of expenses for this matter alone and I really wanted to pursue because it would normalize my life. Some of my reasons include:

-I want to have my own family. And one reason which prevents me from having to start is because of my physical appearance. The society here is different from Western countries. It is relatively more difficult to establish a real relationship with a significant other.

- I will be finally be able to act fully as a woman with no inhibitions because I will look like a woman. I have a lot of insecurities because of my body and I want to correct that. Right now, I feel like a woman, act like a woman and wanted to be treated as a woman but something is still bothering me because of my genitalia, mostly.

-I will be able to be more confident and inspire more of my students that if they have their goals, they can do so because its only a matter of decision and making it happen.

-I was always been a victim of discrimination because of my gender identity. If I present myself as a woman, that would finally erase or somehow lessen the stigma. I do not want to go on in my life having to feel discriminated all the time. It is just too painful and I feel like if there is a way to end it, I will do it.

- A lot of my societal anxieties would be solved. Like entering a female CR, or the categorization of males and females in general, not being treated as a woman, and many many other issues I have with regards to my gender.

So with all these things being considered, I am certain that I wanted to have SRG and Breast Augmentation.

I know that it will still take years for me to finally have mine but I am willing to wait for my welfare. And that is fine with me because I have to start first to consult endocrinologist regarding taking hormones to prepare my body for the surgeries I have to partake.

Just last month, I visited an endocrinologist and I was given all the tests I should have. I also talked to a psychiatrist for that matter and she referred me to an OB Gyne who willing to help me transition and has same cases. So later this year, I will probably start with my HRT. :)

What are you advices? Share your stories with me please.


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Mar 24, 2019
Hi MeIAmRiche MeIAmRiche and welcome to TSSN! Glad to have you here.

It sounds like you are doing reasonably well considering the circumstances. I personally am not at all familiar with the options you have for transitioning in the Philippines. But can definitely empathize with what you're saying as for “we are just tolerated but not accepted” and having a sort 'unlimited rights' sort of situation. I'm in what's called the 'bible belt' here in the United States; East Tennessee where it's a rather conservative state with plenty of its own bigotry and penchant for discrimination. And it sucks!

I understand you want of surgeries. I too have similar goals. And it's difficult when the cost is so damn expensive! FFS, GRS, breast augmentation, orchiectomy and the bulk of surgeries available for MTF transgender people are outrageously expensive here in the US as well.

I know a lot of people are doing GoFundMe type campaigns to raise money. That might be an option for you...?

But truly - reading your intro - it seems to me that you really have your shit together. Congratulations on the graduation and wishing you continued success as you strive for the masters degree! That's completely awesome.

And you look great btw. You have a very feminine look, as I think a lot of Filipino girls do in general. HRT will do wonders for you. So I'm excited that you're trying to make that happen. Question: Do you present as female full-time like the photo? You're really a good looking girl IMO.

At anyrate - Just wanted to say high and welcome you to the community. Obviously it's got the new car smell as it were; We're quite new and just starting with the promotional phase. Hopefully in time TSSN will grow to a great support community for trans people and our allies.

Cheers from Tennessee.


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