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Jul 25, 2019
Hey there. My name is Connor and I am FtM (female to male trans) I live with my mom and my two dogs. Dogs are like the best friends to trans people even more so when you live with someone unsupportive. I would move out but I am only 15. My mom contently deadnames me and missgrenders me but them I have my friends who help. Jeez I'm sorry I kinda went off there. Anyway I still don't fully understand myself but what I do know for a fact I am a man. I try packing with socks and that is a fun time. It took me a while to even get a binder (I have a bigger chest so I would need a lot of kt tape) and then I was finally allowed to wear it outside of my house. Anyway. That's a bit about me. Have a good day/night/evening/morning/afternoon.
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Mar 24, 2019
Hi Connorisbestboi15 Connorisbestboi15 and welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. Hopefully in time there will be many more in your age group who will join and share their transition journey.

I knew at a very young age that I was trans as well. At that time (circa 1992-1993) there wasn't really a term for it - but you know who you are deep down if anything. And now-a-days it's much easier for younger people to state and live in their truth. Obviously it's helpful to have a supportive family. And it sounds like you *might* have at least a little bit of support from your Mom - especially if she's allowed you to wear a binder. Just give it time. She's transitioning along with you! And it may take a bit of time to get that 100% support that you deserve, which will include referring to you by your preferred pronouns and your name! Consider it a work in progress. At least I hope it is anyway...

And LOL. As MTF trans woman - I've never had the issue of packing - but I have used socks for breasts :p And now I'm rambling... So I'll stop with this: Dogs Are Trans' Best Friend - Here's my sweet Dymyn


At anyrate - welcome Connor.
Hope to get to know you better. Cheers from Tennessee.



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