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Mar 4, 2020
Hello everyone...I’m a 33 year old trans man whos a proud father to a 7 year old princess in the state of Montana...I have been myself since august 2015 and on hormones since sept 2015...I believe support is very important and have a local support group I run...please feel free to check it out and ofc share if you know anyone in the area...I hope to get to know more of this group as I go along!
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TSSN Webmistress
Mar 24, 2019
Hi zackster86 zackster86 and welcome to the TSSN community! Glad to have you here. My apologies for the waaaaay delayed reply. Please see TSSN TIME! | Time for rebooting the community already!... for more information about the reasoning of why... The good news is that I am finally able to try to get this community active again!

I've taken a look at your support group site. It's a very admirable endeavor! We can never have enough support so that we may simply live our best trans lives proudly & in relative comfort and happiness. So thank you for championing the community in such a way.

I've also visited your FB page and wonder how things are going for your support group as concerns this crazy time of COVID-19 madness. Are you all still meeting? If yes - I'd love to add your website to our links directory and welcome you to add TSSN to yours. See Link To TSSN for more info on that.

Thanks for the introduction and again = apologies for the very late reply. I hope you will join us as we start the reboot of TSSN!


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