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HRT Announces Second Puberty LOL -- How are you responding to HRT?

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HRT Announces Second Puberty LOL -- How are you responding to HRT? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 24, 2019

2nd puberty on HRT? Who's experienced it? Let's talk about it here, because I'm curious to know how others are responding to HRT treatment.

My 8-month appointment is in a couple weeks, at which time I *think* we may discuss moving from pills to injections. As for HRT ... I feel that it has been a godsend, something that I've been missing in my life since like forever. Having been formally diagnosed with a 'chemical imbalance' at a very young age - I feel more *ME* now than ever before. And I'm sure my HRT regiment is a major cause of that; In a certain sense it's as if the chemical imbalance has been cured.

I'm noticing the physical changes with weight redistribution. And although I had quite a bit of natural breast growth (since my puberty actually) before starting HRT - I'm happy to report that I've developed at least a cup size with hopes that there will be much more breast growth, as well as a more feminine body shape. Contrary to a lot of MTF trans women who have reported weight gain and diminished sexual drive on HRT - I've actually lost 20 pounds in the last couple months, with my sexual drive seemingly the same if not even increased from pre-HRT. Perhaps the good luck of the draw...?

As for 'second puberty' ... I've been emotional no doubt about it. More emotional than ever before - but have gotten a decent grip on it now. I have experienced the period symptoms as for monthly cramping and such. There's an obvious cycle. And although very new - I don't find the experience to be bad at all.

I find this meme to be funny because ... Well - I WANT MORE TITTIES!!!!
Come through 2nd puberty with the growth spurt LOL.

How about you all? Tell of your experience on HRT.


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