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I am new, well to this Safe Space in any case, not to the World lol

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I am new, well to this Safe Space in any case, not to the World lol (1 Viewer)


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Nov 16, 2021
Hi yall, I am Stevie and I am living in the United Kingdom, Scotland to be precise. I am an older more mature person that has recently come out to my wife of 20 years, wow was that a shock to her. For 50 years I have managed to hide my true me from everyone but recently I just could not hold it in anymore, this woman wanted to be a woman....Well after the initial shock my wife and I sat down and chatted about it, she (Julie that is) had many questions about me and some were just not possible to answer. however, after some talking and being upset she did the following day told me that she is behind me 100% and will help if she can. That was so much of a relief to have my soul mate in it with me because Julie had to go through this change as well as me in a way.
Now at long last, I can be me I am free of all my depression, being unhappy, bad-tempered, miserable and pretending to be male despite being born as such.
My actual story can be seen on a website that I am updating regularly on my progress at I hope its OK to say this if not my apologies to Admin and you may remove it, but its a factual story so hopefully it's OK.
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