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Featured #ImTransBut _________. [Fill In The Blank!]

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Mar 24, 2019
This incredible sister is breaking barriers by telling the world what her truth as transgender woman actually is, as opposed to allowing the world to define to her what it is to be trans. Here's hoping that we all will one day be able to speak our truth, unashamedly and without reserve, but with much pride!


Now your turn to fill in the blank...
I'll start:

I'm trans but I am not your dirty little secret. I deserve the respect, love & admiration that any cisgender woman is capable of receiving. I am trans but I am also a creative soul who writes beautiful poetry, creates stunning graphic designs, develops award-winning websites. I am trans but I am also an empathetic creation of Jehovah God. I am kind. I am more than skin-deep beautiful. I am a lover. I am a fighter. I stand up for my community and become an advocate for those who cannot necessarily advocate for themselves. I am a champion! I am proudly and unashamedly trans but I am also a student of life and of living. I'm a dreamer of an optimistic future where we can simply live and let live by loving and letting love! I am Jacquii.


#LiveColorfully #TransPride #translivesmatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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