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Featured Introducing the TSSN Member Map

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Featured Introducing the TSSN Member Map (1 Viewer)

Featured Introducing the TSSN Member Map

Add Your Pin to the TSSN Member Map

We look forward to seeing transgender people represented from all over the globe here at Trans Safe⚧Space Network! So we've added a member map in which all registered members are allowed to add their pin.

It offers an at-a-glance type of perspective of our memberbase and where around the world we are engaging the transition.

It is not mandatory. Although we prefer to see members listed on the map - You can certainly opt-out of it via your account's privacy options by simply selecting the "Opt out of the Member Map" option like so:


OR simply click the "Opt Out" button on the member map membercard like so:

When you browse to the member map page - you may be prompted to allow the TSSN script to access your location:

Selecting "Allow" should automatically chose the location as per your device's GPS. Alternatively - select the location by dragging the pin to the desired location.

Enjoy! And thanks for your attention.



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