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Featured Introducing TSSN Live Colorfully! collection + our Media Gallery is open

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Featured Introducing TSSN Live Colorfully! collection + our Media Gallery is open (1 Viewer)

Featured Introducing TSSN Live Colorfully! collection + our Media Gallery is open

The TSSN Media Gallery is now open and ready for posting! Members can create albums, share pictures, post & upload videos and much more. It's a space we've dedicated for you to visibly share your transition journeys. So be sure to create an album or two and share some of your own pics today.

Alternatively - feel free to share insightful videos, vlogs, memes and other trans-related, noteworthy images/videos that other members might enjoy. In short - enjoy becoming part of the TSSN community!

Speaking of community, as a nod to our wonderful transgender community at large - I've taken the opportunity to create a section there that we hope will get a lot of attention and hopefully some 'sharing is caring' love. Trans Safe⚧Space Network is happy to present you with our Live Colorfully! collection, a cohesive set of uplifting, inspiration, trans-affirming quotes from prominent transgender people and our allies.


These quotes are meant to be shared and hopefully will serve to spread a bit more pro-trans love throughout the universe. So please don't hesitate to share on your favorite social media networks.

We will be adding dozens monthly and will amass a powerful collection in time. Some images will be randomly showcased in a slider at the top of the main forum index page as well, when the site is viewed on larger resolution devices:

Among our favorites thus far are quotes from Jazz Jennings, Janet Mock, Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox & Laith Ashley:

We live for these inspiration quotes and it's a thrill creating them. So if you know of any powerful quotes that can be added to our Live Colorfully! collection - Feel free to post them here in this thread.

Also - Sharing Is Caring! We've placed a social share section on each of our Media Gallery pages:

Be sure to share them and help spread the word about TSSN!

See the entire collection at Live Colorfully! collection | TSSN Trans Quotes & Memes Gallery
Thanks and enjoy!


#LiveColorfully | Let's make it go viral! ✌


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