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My first impression about your site

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New member
Nov 8, 2020
Hi admids
I am francophone and dyslexic person
For now, I'm struggling with learning and applying rules accordingly to what you ask

Not sure to be able to be perfect as you wish me to be
I took the time and been able to read only half of rules and regulations

Being aware of any misconduct that I can be ban right away without any warning or dialogue of understanding about ...🤔

I let you if I'm capable to stay here

From many years I'm on another platform which it's not perfect but I'm well familiar to their functionalities

When I'm writing about something (specified topic) many things comes thru my mind and how really feel and are important to me, if I have to restrain my self, it having simply no sence to me...
Even actually try to edit what I'm writing right now, cut/paste and it is very a struggling issue for me

Best regards


New member
Sep 25, 2020
Bonjour Madame, I'm learning French, or actually trying to remember it from my childhood. I'm also dyslexic. Maybe we can help each other.
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