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Oct 8, 2020
Hi, folx. I'm Aliss Black, I'm MtF, or I try my best anyways. Some may say I'm too old to have just started my gender adventure 3 years ago. I know I often do. but I'm actually only 46 and a Scorpio, so it's my time of year as well as My time of life. 3rd puberty, as I got to be on T for ten of the worst years of my life after being diagnosed with Empty Cella, witch can cause hypogonadotropism as well as all sorts of other nastiness. As you've probably guessed, I'm no stranger to hospital beds, thus the topics of Dysphoria and Transphobia. Not that I've been queer bashed in a physical sense in a very long time, but I've had pneumonia on a chronic basis for a few years now and the Drs are almost always pros at dealing with trans folx with at least a bit of decorum, but nurses have been the recent bane of my existence and I wish they weren't so darned essential sometimes. I'd thought I had gotten used to the idea that I'd never pass, but at least professionals would mostly at least pay lip service but then it's so just too much of people with their "Sir, can you tell me what..." blah blah blah, and "Mr. Aliss here is suffering from..." blah blah. Anyways, I'm not always such a downer, but to have my transition stop at the same place it began, in a hospital room, realizing at 3 am that GRS isn't a possibility for me and no one but my partner is ever going to take my gender Identity and my pronouns seriously is about as depressing of a thought and as just dysphoric as coming out was grand. Sorry for ranting anyways, and hello to any and all still reading!

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