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Seeing Gender Doctor Friday...what questions shall I ask?

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Seeing Gender Doctor Friday...what questions shall I ask? (1 Viewer)

Margo King

New member
Oct 1, 2019
I'm seeing a Gender Dr. I know i'll be asking questions on HRT.
I'm not fully out as a female just yet. I hope HRT would help me with my 'mindset' and lead me to the path of being female.
any suggestions?

Stefanie Pest

New member
Sep 3, 2019
You might want to become familiar with the WPATH Standards of Care Version 7. Your Dr may ask for a letter from a therapist or may prescribe hormone therapy with informed consent. Which means you understand what you're asking for and what outcome you're looking for. You wish to feminize your body, ask how the Dr can help you do that.

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