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Thank you for the invitation and accepting me into the group.

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Thank you for the invitation and accepting me into the group. (1 Viewer)


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Feb 13, 2021
Hi everyone!

I hate doing intros, but since it's required I'll give it a shot. :)

So, my name is Allie (no, not legally changed yet). I am a 57 year old trans woman who started transitioning socially about six years ago, but I have only been on hrt for 2-1/2 years. I would have started two years earlier, but a snafu in the VA records system kept getting me turned down until someone finally figured it out.

Before beginning to transition, I decided to take a year to see a counselor, do research, and do a lot of self reflection. I felt that was necessary because I had always heard of people who felt like a woman in a man's body, or a man in a woman's body, and I had never felt that way. I remember from the age of two years old wishing I could be like my two sisters, and wondering why I had to dress and be treated differently than them. As I got a little older, that feeling morphed into the belief that I would have had a much happier life if I had been born female, but the concept that I actually was female inside never entered my mind. That may have been due to getting caught in my first crossdressing attempt - still at two or three years old, I wanted to wear my sister's frilly pink panties. When I got caught, my father's reaction was not to yell, but just to sternly tell me to put my own clothes on and then not speak to me the rest of the weekend. It was almost as if I could see black thunderclouds circling his head. I adored my father, and the worst possible thing that I could ever do was to disappoint him. That experience made it very clear to me that those feelings were strictly forbidden, so I suppressed my them from then until my early fifties.

Realizing that I am trans has made so much of my life finally make sense, has brought me much relief, and has given me a joy that I had never felt before. It has also brought pain, sorrow, and suffering. It has nearly ended my marriage; we have been separated and living apart for 2-1/2 years. Although we still love one another, it has been extremely difficult for my wife. It helped that I was already estranged from the little family I had, and I've always been a bit of a loner so I didn't have to worry about how friends would take it. In fact, I have more trans friends than I ever had before transitioning.

Being trans is a struggle, but in my case it has been well worth it. Even at those when that I feel most discouraged, I would never consider going back. This is me now; this was me before, I just didn't know it. So hello, I am Allie and I am happy to be here. 🧡

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