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The Ghost of You Pervades - a poem

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The Ghost of You Pervades - a poem (1 Viewer)


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Mar 24, 2019

[poem contains content suitable for a mature audience...]

The Ghost of You Pervades

I lobotomize the memory of you
#EverySingle #GoddamnDay,
your eyeballs bulged,
your bulbous head.

The way our rhythms swayed to and fro, straying
menthol-wild wisps, rhythmic smokerings
of more madness. This air of our minds
pulsating, a breath of life even on our
unready tongues. We swallowed though.
This picture

a most delicious kernel
of truth strung like the most
cranberried of loves. (Is
this Christmas? These

Tinseltowns of awe too? These
trees we're smoking? You
shock me to the core.
You again on about
original sin and more,
but nothing else, "Lord
God! Nothing else,
please horse
of Troy.")

If you were an apple. Boy
oh boy! Worm,

you seep into me. Make me weep in-
to the crevice of our prepaid pain.
Kleenex-brand facial materials dot our
need for normalcy. These well-known tears
of madness soak into our day-in-
day-out, blown into a melody
which is the dirt of us.

And your bulbous head.
You remind me of this one dude
who'd "I'll ripple ya sheets! Wake. Quake. Shake.
Shimmy! Slaughter you everso neatly....I'd
finger-fuck your wild
life," He'd say. "And think about blow-
ing onto you."

("Meanwhile Back At Discovery Channel:
Gripping, groping, knif-
ing you! She's
dead," says
Dorothy's Lion.

Cue ellipsis and no-fool moon
with a rainbow.)

These things, these thoughts,
these songs that wish themselves into
being even ignored even:

They pervade.

Yet! Wish I would thrive
as to see you again:

Your eyeballs bulged,
your bulbous head.

Copyright © 2012 Jacquii Cooke

My aesthetic tends to grasp onto abstract ideas and manually manipulate them as if mutual-respect with orgasm. Odd, but true. So... The first four lines of the poem came first. But I wanted this to be a love poem.

"A lobotomy in the same breath as love? Seriously?" you'd ask.

"Sure. Why not!" I'd giggle.

So I simply drew upon the memory of what was a SERIOUSLY steamy love affair:

I lobotomize the memory of you
#EverySingle #GoddamnDay,
your eyeballs bulged,
your bulbous head.
Thick sexual innuendo/metaphor opens the piece right into the depths of an honest testimony of lovelust, no holds barred. Perhaps I write about the most delicious lobotomy ever performed... If yes - Perhaps I should schedule a personal lobotomy session immediately!!? Any *ahem* Medical Specialists out there? :D
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