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This Boy Body

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Emily Moon

New member
Feb 2, 2021
This Boy Body

This boy body
had to carry me
all the way here.

No one else
could do it.
Would do it.

It took every
strength, every
weakness, every

mistake I ever
made. I succumbed
to the tide

that rushed me
along, stalled me
at the neap,

let me go at
the ebb. While
inside I strained

against myself,
trying to become,
trying to be

me. The image
in the mirror
lied. The image

inside strived.
It was buried
so deep. I

kept shoveling
dirt and crap
and that pit

became deeper.
There was no
light. Nothing

to light a pipe
with. No pipe.
All I needed

was a spark,
a glimmer
in the dark.

The only place
that fire could start
was in my heart.

It kindled
within, unseen.
Until I was

ready to burn
away the dark,
burn the dark

into day. Even
if the day was
a hurricane,

a flood of rain,
a river of pain.
It could not

but be. I had
to give birth
to me.
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