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Administrator Note TSSN TIME! | Time for rebooting the community already!...

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Administrator Note TSSN TIME! | Time for rebooting the community already!...

Good day everybody. This thread will be a wee bit sentimental, as I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for being what I call incogNegro, as TSSN (the actual online community) has been collecting dust so to say. I feel an obligation to not only apologize, but explain a certain situation I was compelled to endure nearing the end of November of 2019.

A personal message from the owner of TSSN.
Soooo... Where to begin? I made a friends-only post about the vehicle incident I was involved in. I don't really care to type out a new/updated description of it to be perfectly honest. But I do feel obligated to share. So I'll share a snippet of the post I made a few weeks after the incident:

Okay… Some of you have heard about the accident and have voiced concern - so I'm finally coming out of silence & posting a public update… The first pic was me last Saturday night. Had a date that was relatively great for about 3 hours and inevitably ended in … disappointment unfortunately. I'm grateful that he and I enjoyed the Vols win that night though

The following late Sunday night I was in a vehicle accident. I was actually hit by a vehicle and was pronounced "unresponsive" at the scene. I was airlifted by UT Lifestar to UT Medical early Monday morning around 1AM… I don't know how I've survived this. I've got questions and have yet to get the actual police report, as I do not remember *exactly* how this happened. I have some rather macabre ideas -but am not dwelling on them. By the grace of Jehovah God (I suppose…) I had no broken bones, no sprains and apparently no major injuries except for very sore muscles, a bruised ego & lacerations to my face as seen in the pics. 17+ stitches so that I was kinda told. I'll be having the remaining stitches remove in a couple days.

The 2nd & 3rd pics are of me in the ER. The rest of the pics are a daily progression of how I've healed, the last pic taken a few minutes ago = Excuse the mess.. I've not felt like moving out if bed really, let alone putting on makeup or doing my hair LOL.

[I've] Never been so damn sore in my life. Feel like I've been hit by a car. But ya girl Jacquii is apparently a survivor.
All glory to Jehovah God.

The good news here is that I have recuperated quite incredibly well. The entire vehicle incident happened at the very moment when I'd started to promote TSSN for new membership registration and member participation. Obviously it was a bit side-tracking, as I was not able to sit at my desk for any extended period of time for weeks; I couldn't sleep without waking up every hour on the hour to turn around and try to get some sense of comfortable. It was a really trying experience. And as a result - I become very uninspired to promote member activity on the forum. For that - I do apologize to you all, especially for not having let you know what was going on.

In the meantime - I have been making some very insightful, and I hope, very helpful & inspiring posts to our Facebook page and within the matching TSSN Facebook Group. Our page has just surpassed 1400 likes, 1500+ followers with a month 1/2 post reach of 50,000+ Facebook users!

And actually I want to shout-out our new member & TSSN Administrator C Crystal Gallagher. I owe a great debt of gratitude Crystal, the main Admin of one of the most helpful and inspiring trans Facebook groups that I've perchance to join: Transgender Expressions. I'll be making an announcement about that as well, as we have just recently partnered with the Transgender Expressions Facebook Group. We have joined forces and are looking forward to bringing an uplifting and encouraging group made for the trans community by certified members of the trans community! Crystal is absolutely encouraging, inspiring & just an all-around kindhearted girl. In-part is because of her that I'm excited about this reboot of TSSN TIME! She will be a welcome addition to TSSN and the community that we will be building in weeks to come. I'm sure you'll all love her.

For all those coming from our affiliated Facebook groups, page & elsewhere ==> WELCOME! Thank you very much for introducing yourselves and telling us about your journey. We'll be making the rounds soon in acknowledging your intro posts and welcoming you to the TSSN community very soon. Thank you so much for understanding and please, a wee bit more patience as we complete all the necessaries before proclaiming it officially TSSN TIME!!! :transflag: :transflag: :transflag:



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