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Featured Welcome to Trans Safe⚧Space Network Community!

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Featured Welcome to Trans Safe⚧Space Network Community!


Jacquii Cooke ( MsJacquiiC MsJacquiiC) welcomes you to TSSN.
Hello and welcome!

I'm Jacquii, a native Tennessean MtF Trans Woman, with the pronouns she/her/hers and I've created the TSSN Community as an info hub, safe haven & support system for transgender people, our family, our friends & our allies. So whether you were AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth) and identify as a Male to Female (MtF) Trans Woman or if you were AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) and identify as a Female to Male (FtM) Trans Man ... Whether you are Non-Binary, Gender-fluid, Binary or any of the myriad of identities in between, as long as you are a friend to the LGBTQ community - you are welcome here.

As such, I am exquisitely happy to welcome you to Trans Safe⚧Space Network: A community made exclusively by us - for us - developed with our pursuit of happiness in mind!

I envision TSSN blossoming into a wonderful community specifically dedicated to providing an informative support system for MtF/FtM transgender people and those who support us.

There are many forums available for posting. See the main forum index (referred to here & linked in the main navigation menu as the Safe Haven) for the complete list. Once registered - be sure to make your first post in our New Member Introductions section. Also - be sure to visit our Member Map and add your pin. We look forward to seeing transgender people represented from all over the globe!

We have integrated a custom content discovery type of system here for easily referencing content subject matter. You can see the complete list of topics on the Topic List. There is a list of other important TSSN links at the end of this post, as well as in the footer of all site pages.

We're excited about opening the doors to new member registration. We want to see and appreciate your transitions! So we've created a place where you can upload and share your before, during and after transition pictures. See the Member Gallery section of TSSN to create your photo album(s) and share the beautiful people that you were destined to become. The Member Gallery will also host a myriad of trans-related media. If you've found an important video regarding trans issues - Feel free to share with the community as we continually uplift each other through information share and collegial support.

This Trans Journey thing is not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. I came out my junior/senior year high school back in 1991-1992 and started presenting as female full-time in 1994. This was obviously before even the mere word "transgender" was anywhere near being a mainstream terminology. Transitioning in the buckle of the bible-belt amidst a very conservative-leaning group of East Tennesseans presented its own special set of challenges. I mean - it's 2019 and just earlier this month a group of transgender Tennessee natives has sued the state so that we can legally change our gender markers on our birth certificates so they match our gender identity.

So I know & understand well the struggles that we as trans people go through.

Yet - I am here to say that we are not alone!

We are especially not alone when we come together in a safe space to declare that indeed #TransRightsAreHumanRights and that we #WontBeErased as we #LiveColorfully here at TSSN. And I'm more than thrilled to provide such a space.

I hope you all will enjoy becoming a part of the TSSN community as we share our journeys, our struggles, our disappointments AND our triumphs in our ultimate goal of becoming our most authentic selves, while proudly embracing ourselves as unashamed transgender individuals.

Cheers from the great state of Tennessee.


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TSSN Webmistress
Mar 24, 2019
Thank you so much
You're quite welcome A Abraham. It was a pleasure chatting with you earlier. I hope you enjoy browsing the forum and excuse the quietness as it were. TSSN still has the brand new car smell LOL - but in time will hopefully have a great, supportive memberbase.

Also - Feel free to introduce yourself in the New Member Introductions section. We'd love to know more about you. Cheers.

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