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Nov 7, 2020
I am a 62 Trans Woman looking to get by, make friends, and maybe just survive another day.
I was born in Germany (GI Brat), and was one of those that knew from the start that something was wrong. I grew up convinced I was as female as my older and younger sisters, and my very military parents chose to make a man of me. This led to a lot of repressions, depression, and related issues. It seems in spite of being AMAB I was borderline intersex with a single malfunctioning testicle that left me developing gynecomastia at the same time puberty was trying and failing to make a man of me. This in addition to a mindset that remained overwhelmingly feminine in expression.
I have recently given up the fight to be male after my parents passed, most of my siblings rejected me, and so despite still being married have been working on coming out as female and living myself authentically for the first time in my life. This is my attempt to find myself.


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